5 September 2015

9:00 A.M.

My eyes jumped between my computer screen and desk phone for the hundredth time.  It was 8:58 in the morning.  I'd been at work for half an hour but hadn't done a thing, with my hands shaking, palms sweating and feet tapping uncontrollably.  The phone was going to ring.  I could all but feel the electricity shooting through the lines on its way to connect me with the mysterious caller.

"Good morning, Lainey."

I jumped a little and my eyes darted up to Shane.  He smiled but it fell away quickly and he took two steps across the floor to my desk.  He wasn't particularly nearby but his stride was strong and swallowed the ground in much the same way his strong personality swallowed me whole every single day.  "M-morning," I stuttered and dragged my hands over my pants.

"Is it still happening?" he asked.  Raw concern focused his hazel eyes on my face and his deep voice dropped to a near-whisper.

I started to nod but my line rang.  I didn't have to glance down to know that there was no caller information.  The calls were never routed through the receptionist.  The caller never left a message.  Even basic tracing devices that Shane had tried out couldn't place it.

The phone rang again and I wanted to cry.  I was such an idiot.  How could I ever have thought that this would remain a secret?

Shane grabbed up the receiver.  "Good morning."  His eyes narrowed and he turned away but I still heard his next mutter.  "Who the hell is this?"  He paused.  I smiled and tapped away at my keyboard when another co-worker walked pass.  I served as secretary and receptionist to Shane and two other important men, so my work space was in the open.

Not that there was anything "out in the open" about my and Shane's relationship.

"Stop calling this office or I will have you found and exposed."

It struck me that Shane was the one who should worry about being exposed, but I didn't mention it.  He turned around to place the receiver on its holder with practiced control, though the tight grip on the phone betrayed his anger.  Even so, with his brow furrowed, eyes dark and lips pulled tight, he made my heart speed up pleasantly.  "Maybe you should take the rest of the week off."

I shook my head with a calm that I certainly didn't feel.  "That won't help anything."

"It would make me feel better to -"

"To not see your shame taking notes in your meetings?"  The quiet words fell on thin ice between us.  His gaze searched mine and Shane turned away.  He headed towards his office, wedding band winking at me in the fluorescent lights.  The door clicked into place and I sighed and glanced at my clock.  Five minutes after nine.  Maybe I could get some work done.