24 August 2016

Wave After Wave.

You flood my shores
Your waves crash upon the sand
Smashing the loose rocks I rolled into place
       for protection.

Your waters fill each empty space
Between each grain of sand
It all swells as you erase the emptiness
And deflates as
       you leave.

Wave after wave you attack and withdraw 
You erase old things
You wash up new treasures
Wave after wave and I can't help the thought
That this is precious for me, but for you
       it's not.

1 August 2016


You only love me when you're drunk
When life has tossed you back
The way you toss back your shots
When it's two in the morning and
     there's no one else.

You only love me when you're drunk
     on heartbreak.
I press a band aid to the wound and kiss the spot
I make you better again
Until you aren't.

You only love me when you're high 
     on pain.
When your heart needs to bleed out loud and I listen.
You only love me when 
     it hurts.