28 July 2015

A quick note on characters.

So I tend to have a few of the same people appearing in my stories, particularly Sadie Prince, Chris Mendel and Mason Michaelson.  But why?

I wish I could tell you.  I created them for Drive (http://goo.gl/lQMWXC), then used older versions of them in a longer (hopefully) novel-to-be piece and they have stuck.  I guess each of them represents pieces of me and of my very close friends.  Of all the characters I create, I know them.  I know how to write on their behalf.  Is this something that all artists face? - painters with subjects, people developing for story-heavy games and other writers? 

This can't just be me -___- lol.

I know that as a writer, aiming to publish one day, I need to explore other characters.  I'm definitely working on that (as seen in Mistake (http://goo.gl/9pVY6l)).  Bear with me and thank you for reading!